Covid cover-up continues

This whole thing just reeks of public manipulation to fit what, increasingly to this Inquisitive Libertarian, looks like a scandal of epic proportion.

On the one hand we have Dr Mike Yeadon, who has argued that the British government (equally applies to the Italian, French, US, Spanish, etc governments) is using “lethally incompetent” scientific advice in its Covid-19 response. Dr Yeadon is only an expert in allergy, immunology, and respiratory diseases, with over three decades of experience, including working as Pfizer’s vice president and chief scientific officer.

Let that last point sink in - he was Pfizer’s CHIEF SCIENTIFIC OFFICER.

On the other hand, we have manupulating political “leaders”, information-censoring Big Tech & mainstream media and seemingly “financially incentivised” medical professionals.

YouTube has now banned him for violating their “terms of service”. WTF does that even mean? The truth (or, at a minimum, opposing views to our political establishment with their voodoo scientific advisors) apparently goes against YouTube’s illustrious policy.

His video synapsis is as follows:

To sum it up he says that the number of dead indicate it was a regular flu season and countries that had mild winters in previous years had "dry timber" and suffered more dead, and countries with severe prior winters and worse flu seasons suffered less losses due to vulnerable people already dying in previous years. He also strongly critizises flaws PCR testing and says it's driving hysteria and is a dangerous precedent stripping people of their rights.

Dr Yeadon banned by YouTube

Fortunately, due to Big Tech overplaying their hand, alternative platforms now exist. To watch the YouTube banned video, see this link. It will open your eyes.

Yeadon's banned YouTube Covid video