Negativity Need Not Apply

Finding the Light within

I no longer permit negativity to take root within

I choose to no longer allocate any of my mindfulness to harbour darkness

As negative events enter my life - and they do, as I but a mere human - I no longer give it status or standing

Rather, I seek to understand, process & then let it dissipate into nothingness

I am into imagery, as my visual mind is powerful indeed. 

It’s a hot day; hot as in southern European hot.  There is a river filled with brown, stagnate, slightly fetid water.  The water in the river (imagine a river that exists nearby where you live. For me, it’s either the mighty Rhone in southern France or the small Entella in Chiavari, Italy, where I spend much time with my family) slowly ambles onwards towards the sea.  In my case, the Mediterranean Sea.  To me this brackish water represents negative thoughts.

The river water’s speed of travel greatly depends on the depth of the negativity.  But in all cases, the stale, stinking water eventually reaches, mingles with, and is absorbed - even consumed - by the clear, seemingly endless volumes of clean saline sea water.  The relatively few H20 molecules of the mighty Rhone / the small Entella / the “fill in the blank” of your local river are no match for the mighty Mediterranean!

For deeply negative thoughts, I imagine a mighty wave meeting the negativity at the mouth of the river, annihilating all darkness in its path.  The dirty, fetid water molecules of said river cease to exist; are no more.

Negativity dissipated

Positivity restored

Humanity lives in a most interesting of times.  For tomorrow, on the 21st December 2020, our glorious “spaceship” Mother Earth will undergo several transformational events (and we with her):

1.    The “Christmas Star” will reappear, as Jupiter & Saturn will align in our sky, re-creating that most famous of “stars” that led the 3 wise men to baby Jesus.  This particularly strong alignment hasn’t been seen since the year 1623.

2.    Even more interesting, astronomers, astrologists and, yes, even physicists, believe that our Earth will experience the Great Conjunction, a changing of an era.  In short, frequency changes reaching earth will enable humans a boost towards higher enlightenment, if we so choose; to live in 5D versus the current materialist 3D world of ours.  Our planet will literally experience higher frequencies from tomorrow.

One of humanity’s greatest scientists, inventors & thinkers was Nikola Tesla.  Google him (or, better yet, DuckDuckGo / Presearch him).  He was a threat to Big Oil / Big Business as he had theories

of creating free energy.  As we all witness today, threats to entrenched interests are hardly tolerated.  Ever.

One of his most famous quotes:

If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

– Nikola Tesla

Now, I don’t proport to understand all of the implications, opportunities and/or threats that we may or may not experience from tomorrow.  But I AM emphatically stating that this Inquisitive Libertarian is open-minded, seeking answers and is most definitely on the path towards a 5D life.

Join me.