On covid19

Building a fear-based society

Much has been written on Covid and I am, most assuredly, not a medical expert.  But I AM a rather curious observer of human behaviour – an amateur anthropologist if you will.  And so, given this most dystopian time in which we live (and most definitely the antithesis of libertarianism), I feel compelled to speak out.

First, some context so that the reader can understand my vantage point (above and beyond the fact that I’m a self-proclaimed inquisitive libertarian!).  Links are provided below, supporting the following:

  • Many experts believe that the virus is now benign; that herd immunity is working, notwithstanding the horrors of lockdowns.  I am keenly aware that this statement is quite provocative – but the data fully supports this claim.

  • One of the most vocal critics of government public policy (e.g., lockdowns, fear mongering, rushing towards mandatory vaccines) is Didier Raoult, one of the world’s leading virologists (and who is sadly now the target of a coordinated smear campaign here in France) goes one further:

    • Covid has mutated multiple times so, clinically, it’s not the same one as in Spring

    • with viruses, there is no such thing as a “second wave”

    • masks are not only useless, but actually harmful

  • There was an abnormally high level of deaths in the Spring, partly due to our collective lack of knowledge (e.g., old people with existing health conditions were particularly at risk) and, at least initially, overstretched health care systems in many countries

  • As has been widely reported (one of the first being the New York Times), PCR tests can produce up to 90% false positives

  • Yet testing we now do, en masse.  Some testing is understandable required (business travellers, professional athletes, health care workers, those who show virus symptoms, etc) yet millions of healthy (neurotic?) individuals, presumably for peace of mind, queue for hours to get tested

  • Lockdowns are political (and harmful), not based on science (see my post, dated 19 November 2020)

So, with the above context serving as my benchmarks, let’s look a little closer into Covid’s impact on our society.

1/ First and foremost, fear now permeates our society.  Fear is what drives many people to get tested without symptoms.  Fear is why most people accept lockdowns without so much as a peep of protest.  Fear enables government overreach, stripping away basic constitutional rights, again without much protest. 

In short, fear works.   

Fear is a most effective tool for the ruling class to control citizens because it taps into humans’ self-preservation instinct.  We’ve all heard the term “deer in headlights”.  Well, my first observation is that we, the citizens, have collectively lost our ability to question, to think critically, due to fear.  And, as a result, are currently getting steamrolled.

2/ “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics”. 

I suspect Mark Twain would have a wry smile on his face if he were with us in the year 2020.  To maintain a fearful society – and, thus, a compliant society – data is misused each and every day.

The number of new cases increased by x thousand yesterday!  Covid spread is out of control!  We must stay in our homes, close shops, lockdown again to stop the spread of Covid!

But if one looks dispassionately at the data – and the facts – one cannot dispute that Covid19 has, indeed, run its course.  It’s true that the “number of cases” has risen precipitously.  A majority of cases are likely to be false positives; many will be asymptomatic carriers.  But the fact is, deaths have now dropped to the statistic norm.  Even factoring in the deaths in the Spring, annual deaths in many European countries (as reported by the relevant government agency) are now back to annual averages.  A few charts below show this in pictural form.

Facts are, indeed, friendly.

Yet governments continue to use daily new case numbers to maintain a heightened level of societal fear.  When we look back on 2020, we’ll see that Covid19 wasn’t responsible for many more deaths than the seasonal flu.  In fact, “flu” deaths seemed to have disappeared in many countries around the world in 2020 – perhaps they were just transferred over to Covid deaths? 

So, the crucial question is why?  Why would governments be taking this approach?  Why keep society locked down, masked, fearful?  In a word: vaccination.

mRNA is coming from the likes of Moderna, Pfizer and others.  I will address this in a separate post as it is quite an interesting – and complex - topic. 

Suffice to say, I believe that current government “fear-mongering” their populace is meant to create an environment where Covid vaccines become mandatory, not elective.  If I am correct – and I pray that I am not – then this represents yet another act of violence of the ruling class on their subjects.  

Like many people in 2020, this Inquisitive Libertarian is not liking current events; but, perhaps, for different reasons.  For I believe a life lived in fear is not a life worth living. 

And just like I don’t believe in magic dust, I also don’t believe in a magic vaccine - particularly when the treatment may be more dangerous than the cause. For in this dystopic era, the “cause” is now a benign virus that no longer kills people above the statistical norm.

Sadly, I feel like I am in the smallest of minorities in my belief.  Thus my raison d’etre as the Inquisitive Libertarian is born.


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